Tre Bicchieri for our Salice Salentino Riserva 2009!

It’s been since the release of the 2007 Amativo that we stopped doubting ourselves here on the blog. To tell the truth, our self-doubt is actually very pleasurable because it has to do with our approach to self-promotion in the case we receive an important accolade. The dilemma is whether to keep a low profile and keep our vinous joy to ourselves and our non-digital feelings; or to shout out to the world, in a flow of data and all the charm that a corporate blog can offer, our satisfaction in having been included once again in the list of the “chosen few.” As you can see, once again, we couldn’t help ourselves: we have decided to share this emotion and this news with you.

The Gambero Rosso Guide to the Wines of Italy Tre Bicchieri award didn’t go to our Amativo (the complicated, aristocratic, and invincible Amativo), which has won in the past. It went instead to our Salice Salentino DOC Riserva 2009. The humble, sincere (but no less battle-ready) Salice Salentino Riserva 2009. A Salentine wine like no other. A wine to which we are deeply connected. A David among wines, with enough authentic substance to hold its own against any respectable Goliath and the heavy finish of wines that require greater age — for both the wine and the drinker. A wine that both consumers and critics can agree on.

Just a month after we discovered that our Amativo 2009 had come to an end because of the heinous theft of the last 5,000 bottles before they were sold (and the new vintage, 2010, was released), what does this award mean to us? With this post-robbery post, we want to let you know that we are a company that can produce a wine with a label so beautiful (designed by graphic artist Elisa Costa) and which such complex personality that it can be the subject of a photo contest. And in that contest, talented photographers from all over Italy are competing to portray the charms of this now lost bottle in every one of its facets. But we believe that the success of a winery is built around a different category of products, wines with different personalities. Perhaps less “important” but by no means less interesting. And by this, we mean that they are defined by a different set of rules. This is probably one of the reasons that we just couldn’t contain ourselves this time around. And it’s also one of the reasons that we’ll be toasting not only with our Salice Salentino but also with our new vintages of Teresa Manara, Varius, Amativo, and all of their siblings. They may seem to some to be the “little” brothers and sisters of the more important wines. But, while they may not get into the same colleges as their ambitious big brothers and sisters who sit at the front of the class, they are no less able to do what they need to do, delivering emotion here in our home and in your homes as well.

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