The Pagghiara

One of the first iconic images that comes to mind when you mention Puglia is, of course, the trullo. Just do a Google image search for trullo and you will find myriad photos of the famous Unesco-protected, traditional conical stone “huts” of the region.

But when you travel to Puglia and you spend some time in the ancient, you’ll also find a relative of the trullo, the so-called pagghiara.

Although not as aesthetically pleasing as the trullo, the pagghiara offers a glimpse into an even more remote and ancient past, when the early inhabitants of the Salento peninsula developed techniques for the construction of these sturdy country dwellings.

Although many of them are now abandoned, you still find pagghiare that continue to be used today by farm workers during pruning and harvest, when a trip to and from the olive groves every day would be a waste of precious time.

When you stroll through these olive groves, some of them populated by trees whose history stretches back over centuries, you really feel “transported” in time. With virtually no sign of modernity in sight, the pagghiare perfectly in tune with the landscape and vegetation.

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