Teresa Manara Chardonnay “Dieci Settembre” (“September 10”)

September 10 was a particularly meaningful date in the 2013 harvest: It was the date we picked the last bunches of our Chardonnay. We harvested them just as they were enjoying the last rays of summer sunlight and the cool mornings that announce the arrival of fall. This day was also the culmination of a patient wait that had been devoted to the grapes in a small zone in our Teresa Manara vineyard.

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25 years of Chardonnay at Cantele

Chardonnay, a white grape, the “international” grape variety par excellence, capably of delivering excellent results in all parts of the world where it is cultivated, rewarding wine lovers with a wide variety of styles and flavors depending on how the wine is vinified. Originally from the Mâconnais (Burgundy), where the tiny village named Chardonnay is […]

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Top Italian wine writer Tomacelli reviews Teresa Manara

When someone says “the Wines of the Salento,” it sounds as if the appellation — with its 25-kilometer radius of Negroamaro growers — were on par with the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. In fact, it’s all right here, centered in Salice Salentino, comprised of a handful of villages, each the size of a Roman neighborhood. […]

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