“Perfect Puglian Rosè”, Mark Denton (Our Italian Table)

We were thrilled to read this post and kind words for Cantele’s rosè from Negroamaro on Our Italian Table, a wonderful blog devoted to the Italian lifestyle and good eating and drinking. We highly recommend it to you!

The last few years have seen the transformation of rosé from a naive choice to a knowing one, especially in the summer, but I have a hard time finding rosés I really enjoy; most dry rosés taste bitter to me. Our local wine shop, owned by a Frenchman, features an astounding range of French rosés all summer. The last time I stopped by, my friend and store employee Robert — who has become my personal shopper, knowing my tastes and preferences to a “T” — greeted me with the news that they had a new rosé I should try. Since I always take Robert’s advice, I took two bottles, but only when I got home realized that it was not only an Italian rosé, or more properly, a rosato, but that it was from Puglia — the region Joe and I are visiting on our next trip to Italy, in September! Even better, it was just my type of rosé — not too dry, with a creamy texture and flavors of peach, strawberry, and even a bit of citrus and tropical fruit. Best of all, it was not too expensive! This is a great option for a warm summer evening, especially when salmon or other fish — including shellfish — is on the menu. It’s an equally great choice when there isn’t anything on the food menu, and you just want a light yet substantive glass of something that says, “summer is here — relax and enjoy!”

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