Gianni Cantele elected president Coldiretti Puglia

When one’s experience becomes a catalyst for personal succcess and that of a family-owned business, it’s only natural to employ that experience for the benefit of the community – just like the growth cycle of the vine or any of the earth’s fruits.

Here at the Cantele winery, we know this well and we can’t help but remember this as we announce – even though the news media has already reported it – that my brother Gianni has been unanimously elected President of Coldiretti Puglia, the regional office of the National Independent Farmers Confederation.

It’s Nature’s way to circulate energy from one body to another, from one place to another.

And that’s exactly what Gianni is going to do: after more than a decade spent between the vineyards and the cellar, he will once again return to a leadership role as he works to raise awareness of the agri-food sector. Agriculture was the subject of his university studies. After receiving his degree in Food Technology, he also received certification as a Food Technology Professional.

As President, Gianni will focus his work on issues faced by farming businesses and ways to improve quality and commerce through the promotion of local and classic food products. There’s no doubt that the tasks before him are problematic. Not only do they relate to the wine industry (which he knows intimately) but also animal science (for example, milk pricing), olive oil production, cereal production, fisheries, and many other vital sectors of the Pugliese agricultural economy.

The Regional Superintendent for Agri-Food Resrouces, Dario Stefàno, had kind words for Gianni after the vote: “To have Cantele as Coldiretti Puglia president is a prize for Salento as well. This region has paid a high price because of the financial crisis. There is a new generation of farm businesses that need to be represented in order to deliver winds of change.”

Of course, we’re certain that none of this will distract his attention from the work he loves the most and the most gratifying and fascinating job in the world: making wine!

—Paolo Cantele


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