Getting geeked for our visit to Lecce!

Tracie P and I are getting really geeked for our upcoming trip to Italy, including three days that we’ll be spending in Puglia with Paolo and the Cantele family.

I thought I’d post some photos here from my last visit, as we gear up for the journey. Tracie P’s never been to Puglia and I can’t wait to show her the famous baroque architecture of Lecce, like the Basilica di Santa Croce.

Tracie P is probably a little more excited about tasting her first Rustico Leccese. (Remember Food Lover Kathy’s excellent post on Rustico Leccese from last year?)

Personally, I am most psyched for the awesome seafood, which we certainly don’t get in Texas where we live, like the crudo at La Quinta Stagione.

Most of all we’re just happy to be reconnecting with our good friends at the Cantele winery. Too much time has passed since we last saw Paolo here in Austin when we celebrated his 40th birthday.

Stay tuned! We’ll be posting here about our trip…

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