Diary of a vine: the weather’s getting hotter and it’s not easy for me

June 30, 2012

This morning at dawn, the cicadas were chirping incessantly. I know that this is their mating period but it can be trying to have to listen to them all day long. The weather is warm, so much so that it’s hard to breath even though there’s a scirocco. It’s going to be a tough day for me. I see that some have begun irrigating in the vineyard. I’m doing well and I’m feeling healthy. Even though I’m old, I have excellent resistance to heat and drought. It’s the young plants that don’t! In my day, you couldn’t get water so easily and so I had to “labor” to help my roots find the water table. But now the sacrifices I made are bearing their fruit: some of my roots always manage to find water deep in the ground.

Just yesterday I heard an old man from Salento, a grape grower, and his young counterpart complaining about the way the vines are suffering in the heat and drought. “There’s no use in despairing about errors you made yesterday,” said the elder using an old dialectal expression.

—Cataldo Ferrari

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