paolo cantele

Paolo visits @SottoLA

Photo taken yesterday, September 26, 2012. It’s hard for me to believe that Paolo Cantele finally made it to Sotto in Los Angeles without me being able to be there. Unfortunately, his travel plans came together so quickly that I wasn’t able to make my monthly trip to Los Angeles coincide with his. But I’m […]

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Tre Bicchieri for our Salice Salentino Riserva 2009!

It’s been since the release of the 2007 Amativo that we stopped doubting ourselves here on the blog. To tell the truth, our self-doubt is actually very pleasurable because it has to do with our approach to self-promotion in the case we receive an important accolade. The dilemma is whether to keep a low profile […]

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Lunch at Bacino Grande (Porto Cesareo)

Bacino Grande (Porto Cesareo), highly recommended for lunch at the sea and beach chair and umbrella rental… Fresh fish selection. Marinated anchovies. Fritto misto. Paccheri ai frutti di mare. Pair with Cantele Chardonnay (by the bottle).

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Getting geeked for our visit to Lecce!

Tracie P and I are getting really geeked for our upcoming trip to Italy, including three days that we’ll be spending in Puglia with Paolo and the Cantele family. I thought I’d post some photos here from my last visit, as we gear up for the journey. Tracie P’s never been to Puglia and I […]

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Augusto Cantele, Negroamaro Ambassador

It’s always hard to talk about my father. Seven years have passed but it’s as if it happened yesterday. Sometimes it feels like it never happened. He’s a constant presence, every day of my life. Every time that I walk through one of “his” vineyards. Every time that we pick the first bunches of Chardonnay. […]

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