salice salentino

The Miracle of Cantele’s Salice Salentino

“Miracle” is a strong word to use when it comes to describing a wine. But I am confident that it’s warranted in this case! I’m talking about Cantele’s Salice Salentino, a classic blend of the winery’s top Negroamaro blended with smaller amounts of Malvasia Nera, also from its best growing sites. You don’t need me […]

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dried grape fiano

A new dried-grape Fiano from Cantele…

There are two reasons that led me to choose Fiano for the first chapter in what I hope will be the very long story of a wine called Le Passanti. The first reason is that I like Fiano. I believe that Fiano is a variety perfectly suited to our climate and year after year, I […]

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