Call them tears of joy…

I would have woken up anyway but the sounds of the frenetic activity in the vineyard reminded me that the time had come. A few days ago, I began to reactivate the processes of re-hydration of my tissue and soon all of my physiological functions will be working at 100 percent capacity. I’m ready to […]

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cantele verdeca

The story behind Cantele’s new Verdeca…

When we think of Puglia, and in particular, when we think of the wines produced in Salento, the first thing that comes to mind is red wine or rosé made from Negroamaro and Primitivo. As a result, we tend to neglect the native white grapes that flourish in our region. One of these grapes is […]

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The Cantele Story

The founder of the Cantele winery, Giovanni Battista Cantele — grandfather to the current generation — was born in 1907 in Pramaggiore (in the Province of Venice). During the Second World War, he moved to Imola (Province of Bologna) where he met and married the beautiful Teresa Manara. The couple had two sons, Augusto and […]

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sotto los angeles

Congratulations to our friends at Sotto: “best new restaurant” 2011

Congratulations to our friends at Sotto for being named “best new restaurant 2011” by Los Angeles Magazine! We’re proud to be part of your wine program!

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cantele varius

Syrah and Merlot from Salento: taste the wines for what they are and not for the idea behind them…

Who knows why talking about non-indigenous red grapes in Salento prompts comments that generally range from the perplexed to the unflattering, especially when it comes to supporters of enological fundamentalism and their feelings about so-called international grape varieties.? I firmly believe that our future success as Salento producers will come to pass only by continuously […]

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