liz nicholson maialino new york

Amativo at Maialino in New York City

We were very geeked to discover that wine director Liz Nicholson (above) has included the 2009 Cantele Amativo on her super groovy list at Maialino in New York City, legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer’s Roman trattoria in Gramercy Park. In a city that can boast of some of the best Italian wine lists in the U.S. […]

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Lunch at Bacino Grande (Porto Cesareo)

Bacino Grande (Porto Cesareo), highly recommended for lunch at the sea and beach chair and umbrella rental… Fresh fish selection. Marinated anchovies. Fritto misto. Paccheri ai frutti di mare. Pair with Cantele Chardonnay (by the bottle).

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The Pagghiara

One of the first iconic images that comes to mind when you mention Puglia is, of course, the trullo. Just do a Google image search for trullo and you will find myriad photos of the famous Unesco-protected, traditional conical stone “huts” of the region. But when you travel to Puglia and you spend some time […]

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Highly recommended in Lecce: La Quinta Stagione

Ristorante La Quinta Stagione Chef Franco Tornese Lecce, Italy highly recommended Nobody does crudo as well as the pugliesi. After all, all they need to do is go down the sea and pluck their catch from the warm waters of the Adriatic! Tuna “four ways.” Chef Franco’s creative take on the Pugliese classic, Ciceri e […]

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amphitheater lecce

Roman Amphitheater in Lecce

Dating back to the 2nd-century Common Era, the Roman amphitheater in the historic center of Lecce once sat more than 25,000 spectators. Today, the structure is about half of its original size.

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