Diary of a vine: notes from May

May 1, 2012 During the last days of April, I was repeatedly covered by water. It rained a lot. I was worried because I feared that the climatic conditions could lead to the development of certain fungal diseases like peronospora and oidium. Peronospora infections in this period of the season must be avoided because they […]

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Fiano, the mysterious grape of Apulia

Fiano is considered one of the most interesting and prestigious grapes of Southern Italy and like many of the grape varieties of our region, Fiano’s origins are veiled in myster. “Our” Fiano has been around since the 1600s, when it would completely confuse scholars and ampelographers who attempted to give it its own identity. Of […]

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My buds are opening!

The air has warmed up quite a bit here and the pleasant temperatures over the last few days have accelerated the awakening of nearly all the vineyards in our growing zone. And the number of new buds has grown as well. In this moment, we are all busy “constructing” our new canopies, canes, and bunches. […]

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cantele verdeca

The story behind Cantele’s new Verdeca…

When we think of Puglia, and in particular, when we think of the wines produced in Salento, the first thing that comes to mind is red wine or rosé made from Negroamaro and Primitivo. As a result, we tend to neglect the native white grapes that flourish in our region. One of these grapes is […]

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dried grape fiano

A new dried-grape Fiano from Cantele…

There are two reasons that led me to choose Fiano for the first chapter in what I hope will be the very long story of a wine called Le Passanti. The first reason is that I like Fiano. I believe that Fiano is a variety perfectly suited to our climate and year after year, I […]

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