Véraison! My berries are changing color!

July 14, 2012 We made it! We’re in the middle of véraison, the moment in the vegetative cycle when my berries begin to change color. It’s always impressive to watch the process as my fruit begins to take on its classic colors. The next phenological phase, for those of us who belong to the Negroamaro […]

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chardonnay best wine puglia

25 years of Chardonnay at Cantele

Chardonnay, a white grape, the “international” grape variety par excellence, capably of delivering excellent results in all parts of the world where it is cultivated, rewarding wine lovers with a wide variety of styles and flavors depending on how the wine is vinified. Originally from the Mâconnais (Burgundy), where the tiny village named Chardonnay is […]

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Diary of a vine: the weather’s getting hotter and it’s not easy for me

June 30, 2012 This morning at dawn, the cicadas were chirping incessantly. I know that this is their mating period but it can be trying to have to listen to them all day long. The weather is warm, so much so that it’s hard to breath even though there’s a scirocco. It’s going to be […]

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Diary of a vine: weather’s good but I could use some rain

June 23, 2012 We are experiencing a truly nice season: the sky is clear, the temperatures are warm but tolerable thanks to a light wind that’s nearly always blowing from the north. It’s been like this for more than thirty days. Today I was listening to Cataldo and Carmine who were talking about possibly working […]

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first bunches italy 2012

Diary of a vine: the first bunches

June 3, 2012 I’ve heard people say that flowering in Salento is done. Here in the vineyard, we’re all relaxed and taking it easy. Right now, our attention is focused on the growth of our berries, which develop quickly during this phase as they grow from the size of a peppercorn to that of a […]

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