Rohesia: rosè without compromise

The first vintage of Rohesia has been such a thrill for us. And now, this new rosé — vinified from the same grapes used for our flagship wine, Teresa Manara Negroamaro — is in its second vintage. But it's already become a wine that stands out from the crowd. The second incarnation has been even more positively received than the previous. It's thanks to this wine's strong identity and the fact that it doesn't compromise on any level: It's a wine whose integrity has never been shaped by fleeting trends of the marketplace.

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The eleventh vintage and a new label

A tradition of seeking excellence… This is the concept behind the new Fiano Alticelli. With its classic golden yellow color, this wine heralds the arrival of the warmer light of summer. And it serves as a link to the grape's mysterious but undisputed origins in ancient Greece where it was greatly coveted by the citizens of Athens.

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Michael Horne, Italian wine industry maverick, has kind words for our Salice Salentino TY @dalluva

There’s just no two ways about it: we think that Italian industry maverick Michael Horne (above) is über cool. And we were thrilled to discovery that he had reviewed Cantele’s Salice Salentino on his website earlier this week. We dig Michael’s schtick not just because we find that our palates align nearly seamlessly. We also […]

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Tech/Fact Sheet for the new Cantele Le Passanti, dried-grape Fiano

Le Passanti Fiano Passito Appellation: I.G.T. Salento Grape: 100% Fiano Production area: Manduria, Pulsano Yield per hectare: 50 tons (4,500 plants per hectare) Harvest: second half of September with some late harvest Training: Spurred cane Guyot Vinification: Grapes are picked in small crates that are then used to dry the grapes in a single stack […]

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cantele varius

Syrah and Merlot from Salento: taste the wines for what they are and not for the idea behind them…

Who knows why talking about non-indigenous red grapes in Salento prompts comments that generally range from the perplexed to the unflattering, especially when it comes to supporters of enological fundamentalism and their feelings about so-called international grape varieties.? I firmly believe that our future success as Salento producers will come to pass only by continuously […]

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