venison carpaccio

Venison Carpaccio with Polenta Medallions

Today’s contribution to the Cantele Food Blogger Project arrives via Stefano Caffarri, author of Appunti Digòla, one of Italy’s top food blogs and one of its most eccentric. A great recipe and a great read!

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amphitheater lecce

Roman Amphitheater in Lecce

Dating back to the 2nd-century Common Era, the Roman amphitheater in the historic center of Lecce once sat more than 25,000 spectators. Today, the structure is about half of its original size.

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Chicken & Zucchini Skewers à l’ancienne

Today’s recipe comes from Sonia Figone (above), a food blogger and native of Liguria who resides in London. The following post is Sonia’s contribution to the Cantele Food Bloggers Project. Chicken and Zucchini Skewers à l’ancienne (Old Fashioned Chicken and Zucchini Skewers) In French, whole-grain mustard is called moutarde à l’ancienne (old fashioned mustard). Hence, […]

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Leek, Cod, and Cannellini Chowder from “Love in the Kitchen”

Food bloggers Jasmine and Manuel over at Labna, Amore in Cucina (Love in the Kitchen) submitted this wonderful recipe as part of the Cantele Wines and Food Blogging project, their pairing for the Cantele stainless-steel Chardonnay. Enjoy! Leek, Cod, and Cannellini Chowder ingredients ½ lb. leeks, washed, trimmed, and sliced into thin rounds 2 cloves […]

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