Call them tears of joy…

I would have woken up anyway but the sounds of the frenetic activity in the vineyard reminded me that the time had come. A few days ago, I began to reactivate the processes of re-hydration of my tissue and soon all of my physiological functions will be working at 100 percent capacity. I’m ready to embark on yet another emotion-filled viticultural campaign.

They say that I tend to “cry” during this period but it’s not a term that I particularly love. It’s true that as I reactivate my internal circulation, a few drops of liquid are excreted from the cuts made during winter pruning. And it’s also true that sometimes this phenomenon is particular obvious. But it represents a happy moment, one of the most beautiful of the entire year.

I am alive and I am ready to begin a new season, to offer my contribution to the winery, and to the viticulture of the Salento peninsula. So it doesn’t seem right to use the word “crying” when it comes to defining this phase. And I want everyone to know that it represents a moment of great joy and happiness for me.

Written by vineyard manager Cataldo Ferrari.

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