Augusto Cantele, Negroamaro Ambassador

It’s always hard to talk about my father. Seven years have passed but it’s as if it happened yesterday. Sometimes it feels like it never happened. He’s a constant presence, every day of my life. Every time that I walk through one of “his” vineyards. Every time that we pick the first bunches of Chardonnay. […]

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The thieves have given us something that money can’t buy…

What happened to us – in the middle of August, the hottest time of the year, when Italy goes on vacation! – proves that wine theft can be a business. It takes planning and study and study of its costs and profits. The theft of such a large quantity of wine, a product that produces incomparable emotions […]

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25 years of Chardonnay at Cantele

Chardonnay, a white grape, the “international” grape variety par excellence, capably of delivering excellent results in all parts of the world where it is cultivated, rewarding wine lovers with a wide variety of styles and flavors depending on how the wine is vinified. Originally from the Mâconnais (Burgundy), where the tiny village named Chardonnay is […]

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A new wave of rosé…

Talking about and tasting rosé wines is always a pleasure for me. Some consider it the step brother of white and red wine and until just a few short years ago, many (uniformed) wine professionals used to think that rosé was a with little appeal. Instead, they preferred soul-less red and white wines, unkempt bottles […]

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Scenes from our stand at Vinitaly

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