A new sustainable closure for Cantele wines

The history of cork wine closures stretches back to their use with Athenian amphorae in the fifth century B.C.E. Long before today’s consumers became aware of the cork closure, ancient Greek decorative artists depicted them in their work. Despite the unavoidable romanticism linked to this long and rich legacy, thoughtfully designed alternative closures — like those created by the American giant Nomacorc — have begun to replace them.

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Negroamaro, new thoughts on the grape name’s origins

Above: Negroamaro grapes ready to be picked (image via the Cantele Flickr). Harvest will begin soon in Puglia. When Alfonso Cevola aka @ItalianWineGuy mentioned that he would be speaking this week on Negroamaro and Xinomavro at Texsom in Dallas (the annual Texas sommelier conference), I decided to revisit the current research on the origins of […]

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iSensi, the new Cantele cooking school & tasting room, is now open!

Click here to visit the school and tasting room’s new website.

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Alice Feiring on Cantele Negroamaro

We were thrilled to read top American wine writer Alice Feiring’s review of Cantele Negroamaro in the Hollywood Reporter. Click here for the article…

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liz nicholson maialino new york

Amativo at Maialino in New York City

We were very geeked to discover that wine director Liz Nicholson (above) has included the 2009 Cantele Amativo on her super groovy list at Maialino in New York City, legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer’s Roman trattoria in Gramercy Park. In a city that can boast of some of the best Italian wine lists in the U.S. […]

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