A Thousand and One Spring Rolls by Travel to Taste

Here’s the recipe submitted for our Cantele Wines and Food Blogging project by Italian food blogger and chef extraordinaire Travel to Taste

After a long period of reflection, I finally decided on a dish that was right for the Cantele winery Alticelli Fiano, the wine they asked me to pair for their Cantele Wines and Food Blogging.

The delicate aromas of this wine give way to balanced but not aggressive fruit in the mouth. The color is pale yellow, with hints of green. It reminds you of the freshness of a pasture in springtime, still wet with the previous night’s dew.

Its impressive alcohol content — an expression of the warmth of the Salento peninsula — combined with its bright acidity inspired me to pair it with a partially fried dish.

My knowledge of the spices and cuisines of the world made me lean toward a fusion of classic ingredients from the Far East and the Mediterranean.

The aromatic characteristics of the ingredients and the dish’s structure make it ideal as an appetizer or as a light main course, especially in summertime.

This aromas of this dish arrive from distant Asian lands but they will remind you of the Aegean breeze.

A Thousand and One Spring Rolls


4 sheets rice paper
1 slice fresh tuna
Greek yoghurt
fresh ginger
fresh coriander
soy sauce

Wet the rice paper sheets, two at a time, and then roll around a metallic cylinder to form the casings for the spring rolls. Let them set for a few moments before frying in abundant peanut oil that you have heated until it begins to smoke. When you have obtained the desired crunchiness, remove from the oil and let them drain on a paper towel.

Sautée the tuna in a pan with olive oil, the fresh ginger, and a dash of soy sauce. When the tuna has cooked through, transfer to a food processor, folding in the yoghurt as needed to obtain the desired creamy consistency. Add whole leaves of coriander to the filling.

Transfer the filling to a pastry syringe and carefully fill the spring roll casings. Serve over a bed of soy beans and sunflower seeds, dressed with a few drops of soy sauce and lime.

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